Many companies have placed their trust in our services because we are leaders in the machining of parts, having specialized machinery with high quality and precision.

We manufacture spare parts; rollers, drums, sprockets, cylindrical and helical gears, shafts, shafts, spindles, etc.

ASCA stands out as the only company in Almeria to have an air lathe that has the possibility of machining parts with Ø 1,500 mm, as well as its numerous machinery such as:

  • 3 crane bridges of different tonnages.
  • 4 lathes, 1 boring machine and 1 milling cutter (equipped with numerical control).
  • 2 drills and 1 flag drill.
  • 1 automatic oxyfuel table.
  • 2 bending cylinder, 1 bending machine, 1 shear and 3 band saws.
  • 1 Hydraulic press of 125 tns.
  • 18 welding equipment (wire and electric).
  • 1 mobile diesel compressor of 10,000 litres, 2 electric compressors, 1 generator.
  • 1 sandblasting and painting equipment.
  • 1 Pipe grooving and threading machine up to 8” Ø.
  • Various hand tools and tools.

Thanks to the commitment, experience and professionalism INDUSTRIAS MECÁNICAS ASCA S. L. develops all its products and services with extraordinary quality and outstanding results.