We have inspection equipments, calibration instruments, inspection point programs and also a team of welders who have been certified by Bureau Veritas and provides welding of all types for different purposes: TIG, MIG, MAG, electrode, wire‐feed soldering, etc.

Our welders also carry out non‐destructive tests on welded components using penetrating fluids, X‐rays, magnetic particles and other methods.

  1. Inspection equipments.
    Manual and digital micrometric measuring and checking instruments ranging from diameter 0 to diameter 2. 000mm, digital dynamometer up to 8 tn, digital tachometer, pyrometers, comparator clocks, torque wrenches. 
  1. Calibration programme for inspection instruments.
    Depending of instruments. 
  1. Programme of inspection points.
    Those requested by customers by Certification companies and in their absence by those determined by our manual and our technical operating instructions. 
  1. Approved soldering procedures and welders.
    – 3 welding procedures of carbon steel.
    – 1 stainless steel pipe welding procedure.
    – 6 approved welders.